Clark Kent (clarklike) wrote,
Clark Kent

“Miss Lane,” he says, delight evident in his voice.

In a short glide and five long strides he’s at her side and she’s looking up at him, both surprised and happy to see him. One arm slips around her waist, the other moves to cradle her shoulders, and before she can manage even a syllable, he dips her back and kisses her.

For a split second she’s startled, but she relaxes in his arms and enthusiastically returns the greeting, one leg bent up, body against his. For a moment they stay like this, long and passionate, and only when someone gives a loud whistle and a whoop of “get a room!” do the two break it off with a grin.

“Come on,” that someone says, teasingly. “There are children watching.”

Superman looks a touch sheepish, with that smile, though Lois is unabashed. She lingers in his arms, eyes bright, mischievous grin lingering.

“Not often I get a reception like THAT,” she says. “You must have missed me, huh?”

“I always do,” Superman replies, returning her to her upright position. His attention moves to the bystanders, pleasantly. “Sorry, folks.”

There’s a bit of laughter from the crowd, and a couple more catcalls, and one woman remarks, “I think you’re entitled to a bit of PDA, every once in a while, for all you do for us.”

“I know you missed me, boy scout, but I’ve got to get back to the Planet, and the next train goes by in two minutes,” Lois announces, cutting off the conversation. “Catch up with me later?”

“If you don’t catch up with me first,” Superman replies. “But until then, need a lift? I can spare a few minutes.”

“Thanks for the offer, but I’ll pass. You’ve got other things to do,” Lois says. “See you, superhero.
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