Clark Kent (clarklike) wrote,
Clark Kent

“Hey,” Clark said, crouching down to Damian’s level. Damian’s surly expression didn’t change for even a moment. “I hear you’re our current Robin.”

“Don’t patronize me, Superman,” Damian replied, his blue eyes steeled. “Batman could take you in a fight.”

Clark was momentarily taken off-guard, but he pushed past it.

“Could he?” Clark said, lifting his eyebrows in a politely surprised way. “Probably. Good thing we’re good friends.”

Damian didn’t seem impressed with that answer, and seemed determined to get a rise out of Clark. On the other hand, Clark was blessed with an almost endless patience for children –– Damian could probably try for days just to get an eyeroll out of him.

“My father beat you stupid –– I heard the stories. Even Superman can’t beat my father!” Damian boasted.

Clark didn’t rise to that, either. Instead, he smiled, looking down at his feet for a second before lifting his eyes to Damian’s again. Damian folded his arms.

“Bruce Wayne is an incredibly remarkable man. He’s probably one of the smartest I’ve ever met. I’m guessing you’ll be following in his footsteps?” Clark asked.

Damian seemed to puff up at this.

“Of course.”

“Well, then, as the future Batman, you would know that Batman and Superman make up the World’s Finest.”

There was a momentary pause on Damian’s end, and then he scowled.

“Of course I know that.”

“Then it looks like we’ll be partners some day,” Clark said, giving the boy a clap on the shoulder as he stood up. Damian’s eyes followed him up, with the most skeptical expression imaginable. Clark grinned down at him. “Stay out of trouble.”
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