Clark Kent (clarklike) wrote,
Clark Kent

Stranger: heyy
Clark: Hey
Stranger: asl./
Clark: 22/M/Paradisa
Stranger: paridsa?
Stranger: i have never ha=eard of that
Stranger: i mean heard sorry
Clark: That's because anyone who leaves has their memory wiped.
Stranger: o ok
Stranger: where is it near?
Clark: City Royale
Stranger: o never heard that either o well
Stranger: im bridget,i live in the US and im 21
Clark: Nice to meet you, Bridget.
Clark: I was raised in Kansas. What part of the States are you from?
Stranger: MD
Stranger: Baltiomre maryland
Clark: Ahh. I've visited there before.
Stranger: Baltimore sorry i am verry bad at typing apparently tonight
Stranger: o you have?for what?
Clark: I'm a reporter. I had to do a story on an accident involving a train, a few years back.
Stranger: hmm thats interesting
Clark: Yeah, it was pretty interesting.
Stranger: So tell me about yourself
Clark: I'm a really mild-mannered, laid-back guy... my job is pretty much my life, though at night, I volunteer to keep the streets safe.
Clark: You?
Stranger: I'm finishing up school at John Hopkins to be a Rn in pediatrics,i have one baby,and when i am not at school or taking care of the baby im with my family but sometimes i take care of her with my family?!haha
Clark: Sounds like you're really ambitious. It's really good that you're close with your family, too.
Stranger: yes i love my family
Stranger: <3
Clark: Good. Hold onto them; a family is one of the most important things you can have :)
Stranger: yes i know
Clark: My mom's working in D.C., but I fly over to see her whenever I can. I miss having family close-by, but at least my friends are around.
Stranger: so your family lives in the washington area?
Clark: My mom moved out there when she got a job as a Senator, and my cousin is traveling the country. It's just the three of us.
Stranger: whcich state is your mom a sentator off??
Stranger: of
Clark: I probably shouldn't say. Privacy, and all.
Stranger: ummm okay??
Clark: Sorry.
Stranger: you dont talk much
Clark: Sorry; I'm a better listener. My partner usually talks my ear off, so I've gotten in the habit of letting her do all the talking.
Stranger: o its hard talking to someone that you dont know
Stranger: what are your hobbies?
Clark: I like to write, take my dogs for walks, and go flying. Reading is good, too.
Stranger: i read,play with my dogs,and play with my daughter
Clark: What kind of dogs do you have?
Stranger: i have a westie,jack russel westie mixed and a wired fox terrior
Stranger: what about you?
Clark: I have a golden retriever.
Stranger: aww
Stranger: there verry pretty dogs my bff has 5 of them
Clark: Five? Wow. That's a lot of dogs to handle.
Stranger: yea and her husband has a parrot she calls it his hes had it since he was little well after they moved intogether he caught on that the dogs barked and that she would yell quiet so now he barks and then when they bark he yells quiet its soo funny
Clark: That's really cool. We had problems with Shelby barking for a long time, but the cows got used to it. The farm's big enough that the neighbours don't hear him making a racket.
Stranger: haha thats good
Clark: Shelby's pretty good otherwise, though. Still working on that stealing-food habit.
Stranger: o i share my food with the dogs but still have to worry about them taking marissa's food
Clark: Marissa's your daughter, I'm guessing?
Stranger: yes
Clark: Pretty name.
Stranger: thanks
Clark: How old is she?
Stranger: 5
Stranger: well 4 and a half
Clark: If you're going into pediatrics, I'm guessing you must really love kids? :)
Stranger: yes i reallly do i also have a teaching degree i can teach from newborn up till 3rd grade
Clark: All at 21? You're not only ambitious, but accomplished! I'm impressed.
Stranger: yea in high school i took child development classes which gave me my 90 hr certification so it only took a year for me to get the teaching degree
Clark: Wow. Sounds like you've really got it put together. I wish I was that accomplished.
Stranger: i have my down falls
Clark: We all do.
Stranger: ya i guess
Clark: Well, Bridget, it was great talking to you, but I have to go meet Lois for coffee. Have a good one; I know you'll go far.
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